Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids became the rave in late 2016 and were named after Beyonce’s popular album released that year. The iconic style was rocked by the singer in the visuals for the much-acclaimed album. While they have declined somewhat in popularity in recent times, the look is still a trendy one loved by many.

What are Lemonade Braids?

Lemonade Braids are a combination cornrow style. It is distinctly identified by the sweeping hair falling either to the right or the left of the head. It features a combination of feed in cornrows, aspects of the tribal Fulani braid style, features of traditional Goddess braids, and is finished off with laid edges.

The original look sported by Beyonce featured yellow/bronze colored tips at the end of each cornrow braid. Lemonade braids have however evolved to feature other bold and vibrant colors

Prepping Your Hair for A Lemonade Braid Install

Clean non greasy hair is a staple for cornrow styles. If your hair is oily or sticky with product, this can make it difficult for the stylist to grip your hair properly and plait the hair neatly. As such, a deep wash is recommended before going in for your lemonade braids install.

It’s also recommended that you detangle your hair before your visit, as many stylists will charge you extra if they have to detangle your natural hair. While not essential, flat ironing of your natural hair can also improve the appearance of the finished style as it helps eliminate frizzing.

The Process of Installing the Hair

Lemonade braids can easily cost upwards of US $150 and take several hours to complete depending on length and thickness. The most important part of the process is getting nice even parts that start at the side or center of the head and finish with all the braids falling on one side.

The technique to construct each corn row is the feed in process, where the cornrow is started with a tiny bit of extension hair with more added as you go along. This creates a braid that’s extremely small at the start but gradually gets thicker as you approach the end of the cornrow.

Longevity and Required Care

Cornrow styles like Lemonade Braids do not typically last as long as plaited styles such as box braids. A typical lemonade braid will last about four weeks with proper care. This means covering the hair at night with a silk bonnet, avoiding excessive scratching and avoiding the use of rough brushes that can cause the braids to frizz up or unravel. Oiling your scalp with a non-greasy product can also help to keep your style fresh.

Top 5 Lemonade Braid Styles

Below are some of the 5 hottest lemonade braid styles

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